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Penang Tourism

November 14th, 2015

A good hill station is packed with a lot of tourists in season time. The messy crowd may spoil your joy of site hunting. Penang car rental service is the best solution to this problem of yours. Just pre- book your ride and enjoy the great beauty of this place. Prior to your reaching time, just go the websites of car rental services in Penang and choose the best suitable option according to your comfort. If you are going along with your family, getting a sedan would be the smart decision. With the lots of activities to do here, Penang tourism has already proved its grounds in the hilly tourism. This amenity has taken the tourism of Penang to another level.


You can either go to shopping or get a treat of great recipes here easily with your hired car. The option of model and time flexibility enhances the quality of this service. Sometimes, a person may not be able to reach the place in time. Some of Penang car rental service companies have now provided the option of emergency booking through easybook. You can get a car in 15-20 minutes, but this may get delayed in peak hours or on some special occasions. People who travel often to Penang can now get a subscription and online wallet. Your rental money will help you in avoiding the hard cash.

Public transport may take a lot of time in reaching your favourite places. These quick rental services can save you a handsome amount of time which you can spend in visiting other beautiful places. The online wallet option comes along with savings, but it’s for only those who visit frequently. Sometimes, few companies charge extra for compass or GPS services.

You can easily cut down these charges by booking a car. So, you don’t want to miss any stunning view of Penang? Get your car booked beforehand.

Enjoy an adventurous night safari at the Singapore Zoo

June 24th, 2015


Have you ever thought of visiting wildlife in the middle of the night? Even the most adventurous and daring people would have dreaded this thought at least some point of time. But when it is Singapore, nothing is actually impossible. Singapore offers the world’s first nocturnal zoo visiting opportunity to its visitors.
Although the concept was first introduced by the executive chairman of the Singapore Zoo during 1980s, but it took 14 years to materialise this thought and it was in the year 1994 that the nocturnal Singapore Zoo was opened for the public. It is an 86 acre land that is adjacent to the secondary rainforest of Upper Seletar Reservoir and is home to over 2,500 animals of 130 species. Amongst these, there are the harmless as well as harmful animals, along with the friendly ones. However, the zoo and the night safari are well managed by the Wildlife Reserves Singapore and makes sure that the visitors stay harmless.
What to expect at the night safari?
Although it is named as a safari, it is actually a wildlife park where all the nocturnal animals are housed in a dimly lit atmosphere. There are four walking trails in the night safari park that you can walk through to check out the wildest of animals. There are the Fishing Cat Trail and the Leopard Trail that will bring you the largest collection of animals that are exclusive and indigenous to Southeast Asia. As you walk through the Wallaby Trail, you can experience the Australian natives like the giant flying squirrels or the Malayan flying foxes gliding through the air near you.
How are the safaris conducted?
There is a 35 minute tram ride that will take you through the seven geographical zones of the world, where all the animals from different zones and regions of the world are brought. Whether it is an animal that comes from the swampy banks of Equatorial Africa or an animal that is native to the Himalayan Foothills, there are so many things that you will have to notice that you will simply be mesmerized and stunned to look out the variety of wildlife staying in here.
But you can also take the private rides in which you will be offered a buggy ride VIP style in which an expert guide will let you know about the detailed and cool insider facts of the animals and you will be visiting past the animals, without a need to walk, just by sitting on these luxurious and cosy buggies. You can also enjoy the Gourmet Safari Express dining experience in which you will be served a complete five course meal with mock tails. Whether you are a night owl or an prompt sleeper, this is a place that you must holiday when you come to Singapore. It is a must experience event and worth staying up late for. There is no other way that you will be able to experience these animals so close.

Touring Some of the Best Places in Singapore

May 8th, 2015
night sg
Touring Singapore has never such fun with visa relaxation for tourists visiting 
Singapore from all over the world. Visitors from selected countries can come to 
Singapore without any visa for a period of thirty to ninety days whereas citizens of 
selected few countries have to apply for Visa along with an interview at the 
consulate office. Moreover, citizens of some hostile countries have to convince 
immigration officials their intended purpose of stay in Singapore, duration of their 
stay, financial capability to stay in Singapore along with their ties to respective 
home countries. Among all the tourists’ destinations around the world, Singapore 
has the most relaxed norms for any travelers to visit it. 
The visa on arrival facility in Singapore has saved crucial time for many myriad 
travelers. They start their journey of Singapore by visiting Orchard Road which has 
some of the premium malls & shopping complex along with beauty salons, retails 
outlets, cafes etc. It is said that Orchard Road is the most visited destination in 
Singapore as it thrills everyone with its fantastic shopping experience. If you want to visit
KL, you may take Singapore to Kuala Lumpur bus at bus terminal in Singapore.
Tourists visiting Singapore buy garments, leather bags, wallets & belt, souvenirs 
for their loved ones, electronic gadgets, premium women clothing etc. The malls at 
the Orchard Road are huge with immense architectural designs clearly promoting 
itself as the hub for shopping paradise. Shoppers from all over the world bargain 
prices at competitive rates while kids look for toys & other stuffs. The amazing 
planning of Orchard Road has led to revolution in the shopping experience of most 
The China Town is the next favorite destination for tourists to shop around. All the 
goods sold at the Peranakan styled shop houses are cheap & saves money for low 
budget tourists. The China Town is sub divided into 4 districts namely Telok Ayer, 
Tanjong Pager, Bukit Pasoh & Kreta Aiyer. One of the most popular landmarks in 
Chinatown is the Red Dot Design Museum where tourists spend hours with gadgets 
& gizmos innovating our future. The Red Dot Design Museum provides us an 
outlook towards the future along with potential solutions for challenges in future. 
Tourists of Chinese descendent prefer to stay in Chinatown as they can speak 
freely among their own inhabitants. Over all these years, China Town has evolves 
towards modernization with luxury hotels providing finest services to its customers 
along with foremost dining experience. The Chinatown attracts people with its 
invigorating infrastructure along with building designs.       
The Clarke Quay & Riverside has turned out to be the finest nightlife experience for 
western travelers. Tourists looking for few drinks along the Singapore river should 
head for Clarke Quay & Boat Quay along the government offices at the mouth of 
the river. Tourists can relax at the Raffles Place which provides an atmosphere of 
calm & quite. Its tranquility has amazed visitors coming from far off places. It is 
situated at the entrance of Raffles Place MRT. The view of Singapore river is 
unforgettable with roman styled structures & Victorian era buildings still standing 
upright along the Singapore river.